Is there hope for newspapers?

Media watchers and pundits have been mourning the death of newspapers since the arrival of competitive forces. They say the Internet is the major cause of the demise, but other factors include an aging population, lack of interest in news, high cost of paper and ink and the growth of instant journalism.

Here are interesting articles presenting various points of view.

Adapt or Die

What will replace newspapers?

Here’s an article about one newspaper’s loss.
Why a Weak Website Can’t Replace a Daily Newspaper in Newspaper

What is Citizen Journalism

The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism by Steve Outing in — This article is designed to help publishers and editors understand citizen journalism and how it might be incorporated into their Web sites and legacy media. We’ll look at how news organizations can employ the citizen-journalism concept, and we’ll approach it by looking at the different levels or layers available. Citizen journalism isn’t one simple concept that can be applied universally by all news organizations. It’s much more complex, with many potential variations.

Let’s Check in On the Future of Newspapers
Briefly, this is what the next half decade or so will bring to the newspaper industry:
1. Staff sizes will continue to shrink, although slowly.

2. Mid-sized metropolitan dailies (in cities that are large, but not New York/ LA large—Philly, for example) will fold, occasionally. This will be profoundly weird for residents of those cities.

3. Online paywalls will become ubiquitous on all halfway-decent newspapers.

4. The growth of digital readers will provide a heartening new injection of revenue, though not enough to replace lost print ad revenue.

5. At some point during the next decade or so, the newspaper industry will stabilize. Online ad revenues and paywall revenues and other associate revenues from digital readers will stabilize, and newspapers will have a solid idea of how large their market really is, and they will staff accordingly, and everything will be more or less normal again.

Newspapers will survive, but will never again be the massive, market-dominating monstrosities they were in the past century. Those days are gone forever.

The web isn’t killing newspapers, advertisers are

The Print Media Are Doomed in Bloomberg Businessweek
Surpassed in convenience and economy by online content, printed magazines and newspapers will dry up in the next decade. Pro or con?

Finally, a positive note from American Journalism Review.

A Bright Future for Newspapers 

Stop hanging the crepe. A contrarian argues that despite those discouraging circulation numbers, the old behemoths are well positioned to thrive in the new-media world. By Paul Farhi

A brief discussion of the topic Should Newspapers Be Publicly or Privately Funded? by FORAtv

So, there you have it. What do you think?


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