Being funny isn’t enough

During the recent presidential election contest, a sense of humor was an absolute necessity. Facebook friends posted political epithets about my political party ranging from Socialists to maggots and I had to grin and bear it. I took great joy in collecting and posting editorial cartoons to project my candidates and skewer the opposition at every opportunity.

Editorial Cartoons

Analyzing political cartoons from the past — audio notes

Make a Political Cartoon

How to draw a political cartoon

View daily Editorial Cartoons at

So, look for an artist with a sense of humor.

Being funny isn’t all that easy.

The Creative Process

Humor Writing

One of my favorite ads and its humor

For typographical wonks among us

Very funny ads

Being funny can be serious

A brief look at Media Law

Other Middle East cartoonists Drawing the Revolution

Dennis Kucinich speaks to cartoonists about free expression

Mark Fiore, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Cartooning in 2011, talks about his cartooning

When I was a kid, the “funnies” were funny — humorous and identifiable with the human activities of the day. Some were absurd. Some were fantastic. Many were topical. but today’s comic strips in daily newspapers contain bias and should be on the editorial page.

Is being funny a political thing today?


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