The war the United States is losing

Discussion by liberals and conservatives, religious and nonreligious about legalizing marijuana has raged for years while the United States has spent billions in a Drug War that has been a losing effort. There were half a dozen marijuana referendums in the recent election cycle in total, with three of them proposing legalization for recreational purposes, and the others dealing with medical marijuana.

Massachusetts voters approved a referendum legalizing medical marijuana, while Arkansas voters shot down a similar proposal. Montana voters approved a referendum to place restrictions on its existing medical marijuana laws. Voters in Washington and Colorado passed ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the biggest victory ever for the legalization movement.

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Should marijuana be legalized under any circumstances?



A pro-con argument from Business Week: Legalize marijuana for tax revenue

8 reasons why marijuana should be legalized

Serious discussion of this possible revenue solution should be SOON.


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