Image building or hiding the ball?

Public Relations has been around for a long time, but it hasn’t always been known by that name. Politicians through the ages have tried to control their image in the media and corporations have tried to hide transgressions using “public relations.” But it’s really more than that. At least that’s what its practitioners would have […]

Newspaper’s death premature?

On Armistice Day this year, a story appeared in The Christian Science Monitor titled “Is the Death of Newspapers the End of Good Citizenship?” In a subhead, the editors wrote: “The death of newspapers – by cutbacks, outright disappearance, or morphing into lean websites – means a reduction of watchdog reporting and less local information.” […]

The war the United States is losing

Discussion by liberals and conservatives, religious and nonreligious about legalizing marijuana has raged for years while the United States has spent billions in a Drug War that has been a losing effort. There were half a dozen marijuana referendums in the recent election cycle in total, with three of them proposing legalization for recreational purposes, […]

What your body is saying

• Careful observations make your copy more detailed and conversations more colorful. • Nonverbal communication makes up between 70-80 percent of total communication. To totally communicate interpersonally, one must understand what the nonverbals may be telling the other person. • Nonverbal study improves your sense of observation and allows you to SHOW rather than tell […]

Can you believe it?

This article from NoPC begins: “Media Bias is a myth.” Then it goes on to give a well-reasoned explanation of why this is true. “It’s nothing more than a simple excuse for politicians to explain their failures and political defeats. A scapegoat. If you want to convince more people that your political philosophy is the […]